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As a part of our vision to help fellow women (our Torches) take action to push the boundaries in your career life; we've established Career Safari Coaching. There is so much noise and outside influences shaping our decisions. Having a career coach helps you stop and understand your own perspective and direction. It's the place to reset or confirm your career journey. 

 Our coaches have helped us or someone close to us find breakthroughs in their career challenges - from navigating a tough work culture, changing careers to finding personal fulfillment. We want to introduce you to a diverse array of coaches and methods.



Career Coaching is a tool used by individuals, teams and companies to manage life change and personal challenges in ones career.  Our coaches use a variety of techniques to help you improve, develop, learn new skills and find personal success. It's similar to a counseling session, where thoughtful questions are asked and tools are shared.  Each of our sessions are designed to 1) identify your needs and goals, 2) make your real (or perceived - let's be real) obstacles known and 3) give you resources (self-assessments, learning exercises, etc...) to meet your new goals.   



We start our careers believing certain ideas on how to succeed. Then life changes our outlook. Personal Mastery is about understanding who you are now. It's guided by principles such as purpose, vision, belief, commitment and knowing oneself.

Meditation by the Sea


It's hard to take a risk when you have no idea what is the right thing to do. mBraining coaching aligns your neural networks in your mind, in your heart and in your gut.

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