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The Fabulous Adventures of the Well Dressed Woman

Torchbearer: Dr. Tiffany Ingram. Black Detroiter.

Torchbearer: Dr. Tiffany Ingram

Profession: Founder, Policy & Fashion; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Expert

"Being a Detrioter - There’s no other place in the world that breeds these type of people, with the tenacity to overcome so much."

Dr. Tiffany Ingram is so firmly rooted in her family's history, it's no surprise that she has blossomed and continues to shine as bright as she does. Coming from Detroit, Michigan, she is no stranger to hard work (and fashion!). At several points in her life she tenaciously took chances on building a new life for herself. With that same spirit she has received her PhD in Educational Leadership and Management; providing technical training to special education and diversity equity and inclusion leaders. She has also created her own platform powerful"Policy & Fashion" to share career and fashion advice to women.

"I believe education is one of the most important factors that can change life outcomes for people."

In our conversation we explore - why she loves doing "the most," her love for education, creating a space for plus sized professional women to thrive and what her doctorate research said about career advancement for African-American women.

"I always wanted to create this space for people like me - plus sized women. Helping us be more authentic and courageous at work. Yes, you can be a young, black, curvy woman that looks amazing and excels at your job!"

On This Episode

In our podcast episode we talk about:

  • Tips on how to show up fabulously to work

  • Why her midwest roots are so important

  • How Detroit is the foundation of American culture

  • Her love for education - Why she wanted to avoid being a teacher

  • Deciding to move away from her hometown

  • Black excellence

  • Creating Policy & Fashion: Being bold and authentic at work as a plus sized woman

  • Ideas on how to brand yourself at work

  • Her research on career advancement for African-American women

View the Episode

Listen to the Episode

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