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Taking Risks and Changing LivesConcrete Growth Project
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  Concrete Growth Project 


Safari | noun: Journey
Etymology: Swahili & Arabic

Let’s get acquainted…

We want to disrupt the idea of what it means to be successful and a career woman. We women are breaking more barriers, finding our voice and leaning allll the way in. But truly, there is not one way to pursue a career. And the definition of success is completely subjective. So let’s stop and have some authentic conversations. 


Career Safari is a place for women seeking a more global perspective and dialogue on what it means to be a career woman. We do that by celebrating the paths of women that are defining and redefining their own career life - our Torchbearers. While bringing resources to support you (our Torches) in your own unique journey. 


This is NOT about perfectionism or attaining status but real stories, real lessons about how life shapes career paths. 


Not one of our stories is the same. Hope you find some inspiration to #passthetorch

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