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Book Club

Some of the most treasured books suggested by our Torchbearers.


“Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading,

to make reading one of his (or her) deep and

continuing needs, is good for him (or her).”

― Maya Angelou

The Book of Hope

Torchbearer: Susan de Toledo Hulley

"I was so thankful for the words in this book.


The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women 

Torchbearer: Tiffany Ingram

"It's like having a conversation with women who are bosses" 


Lean In

Torchbearer: Cat Childers

"The year it came out, I think four people bought it for me. She has online resources and there's one session on why women don't get promotions. It covered every single point I had ever said in my head. If you can get a group of women together at work and watch those, you'll have a lively discussion on your hands." 


The Four Agreements

Torchbearer: Melate Bekele

"I love it. It's really important to understand energies - especially when dealing with so many different people. I think it's important to understand people's habits, trends and behavior." 



Torchbearer: Afërdita Volina


Make Me The Boss

Torchbearer & Author: Emily Tsitrian

"I wrote this book because it needed to be written.


Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Torchbearer:  Mels

"It's helpful if you want to learn how to communicate and understand other people that might have difficult personalities." 


Drop the Ball: Achieving More by Doing Less  

Torchbearer: Mojoyin Onijala

"She talks about how she learned to just delegate stuff. How she really doesn't need to be the one cooking. Someone else can do that. It made her so much happier." 


The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Torchbearer: Karen Santana

"Robin's books are all fables but they're related events that actually happened in his life. It's about a man that had everything but knew that he was lacking a spiritual life." 


Life by the Cup

Torchbearer: Renee Braithwaite

"I’ve read this book maybe three times. It’s about a woman’s journey. She started at a consignment store with a cart and created a tea company. I love this story and the trace of her life. She had one dream and just went with it."

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