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Hope, My Social Compass

Torchbearer: Susan de Toledo Hulley. Brazilian-American

Torchbearer: Susan de Toledo Hulley

Profession: Retired Teacher; Healer; Therapist.

"Hope is the boldest act of imagination that one can have... Hope is not optimism; it’s born from possibilities”

It doesn't take long for you to recognize the magic of Susan de Toledo Hulley. Within a few minutes of talking with her, you feel as if your soul is seen and being cleansed. She was raised between the United States, Italy and Brazil. Throughout her life, her goal has been to learn, connect and share with people. That has been evidenced by her fierce fight for human rights - including protesting the Vietnam war and being part of student led protests in Brazil in the 1960s.

For 20 years she was American history and literature teacher in Brazil; always staying authentic to her desire to see people grow and heal. Then a voice - literally a radio show - gave her the nudge she needed to retire.

Her curiosity for people has now led her and her twin sister to start their own therapy and healing practice. She has learned a number of healing modalities among them - reiki, emotional freedom technique (EFT), tapping and hypnosis. She speaks with us in depth about how each one can change our life.

Our advice for this episode, and really, every story we share is to ask a question Susan has challenged herself with every human interaction - What are you here to teach me?

On This Episode

In our podcast we talk about:

  • The importance of having hope

  • Her experience protesting in the 60s

  • How to cope with difficult people

  • Retiring from teaching

  • Starting her healing practice

  • How our body copes with stress

  • We also try a little bit of tapping therapy

  • Audience Questions: How do we overcome trauma?

View the Episode

Listen to the Episode

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