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Confident & Natural

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Torchbearer: Parry Burton. Biracial American.

Torchbearer: Parry Burton

Profession: Entrepreneur, Actress

Company: Naturally Parry; Creating organic, vegan & cruelty-free hair growth oils

Parry Burton started her career ready to be an actress. With the support of her parents, she was ready to live out her dreams. This drive moved her from her home state of Arizona to New York City and now living in Los Angeles. In LA, she spent many years doing "practical acting" and working in restaurants.

However, as a Biracial American (African-American and White), she struggled with how to maintain and embrace her natural curls - choosing to strengthen her hair for many years. But she yearned to see and accept her naturally curly-hair self. This curiosity led her to researching and creating hair care products in her kitchen. It was a hobby that now has turned into a business....

Like many people, during there COVID pandemic it caused her to take a look at her dreams and focus her attention on really building Naturally Parry. With the encouragement and ongoing support of her mother, Naturally Parry was born

With something like acting, it doesn't always matter how hard you work. You can be the hardest working actor and not see any success. With Naturally Parry, the more hours that I put in the more results I would see.

On This Episode

In our podcast episode we talk about:

  • What it's really like being an actress

  • Why she started her own haircare company

  • Struggling with her curly hair as a Biracial child

  • How it felt to see her first orders coming in

  • Trying to balance the finances of a small business

  • Being in business with her mother

  • How we limit ourselves and moving past those feelings

  • Advice on how to start your own haircare business

  • Naturally Parry's special ingredients

Episode Edited By: @Women Of Wayland Podcast

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