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Do It Afraid: Because Giving Up Is Not An Option

Torchbearer: Dr. Christine Chin-Sim. Jamaican.

Torchbearer: Dr. Chrstine Chin-Sim

Profession: Therapist. Relationship Coach. Consultant

My life just moved on the demands that were required of me at that time. It wasn’t planned.

There is always something so fun about sharing these unique, wonderful stories - you never know what you're going to hear.

Dr. Christine Chin-Sim didn't have any intention of being a working woman in her 20s. It wasn't in her mind. Raising her two daughters and giving her family a stable, loving home was her priority. Living in Jamaica, she had her options - and she was happy to provide this lifestyle for her family.

I’m from the era where mothers stayed at home and took care of their kids. I really wanted to be hands on. I didn’t have a problem being a stay at home mother.

While raising her daughters she did take on small jobs along the way. But, as life does, she had to adjust when faced with her divorce. At 42 she had to come to terms with her new life. And with that - she took the lessons and wrote new chapters her in her life. Dr. Christine found herself back in school and eventually completing her PhD in Psychotherapy, Marriage and Family Counseling.

Through her practice, Leverage 4 Change and You Tube community, she is now sharing her knowledge and helping a global community find personal healing and changed mindsets to achieve their highest potential in every area of life.

This work helps me realize that I'm helping people. It's a part of my God given purpose.

On This Episode

In our podcast episode we talk about:

  • Her decision to be a stay-at-home mother

  • Why she went back to school in her forties

  • Learning how to be independent after her divorce

  • How she decided on counseling as her field

  • Her book "When Mommy Goes Back to School"

  • Starting a You Tube community and building virtual connections

  • Answers audience questions about relationships

View the Episode:

Listen to the Episode:

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