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Finding Abundance in the Opportunities You Have

Torchbearer: Amrutha Jindal. Indian-American

Torchbearer: Amrutha Jindal

Profession: Lawyer, Chief Public Defender

Organization: Operation Lone Star

"Find abundance in your opportunities. Do the best with the cards that you have - it helps you reframe how you approach your job and career. You do have control in making the best of what you’ve been handed.”

Amrutha always knew she wanted to be a lawyer and she put in the work to attend some of the world's best schools and finally became a corporate lawyer. After spending many years as a corporate lawyer in a top law firm she realized that it wasn’t the right path for her. After a lot of self-discovery and reflection she felt her true calling was to become a public lawyer.

"We were three women - two of us women of color - in a department that was exclusively run by white men. All it takes is a few key moments that sink within you to realize that you don’t belong.”

Now, for over 10 years, she has worked on the front lines as a public defender, representing individuals in state and federal courts. She is currently Chief Defender at Operation Loan Star where she advocates for individuals at the Texas/Mexico border who are impacted by the legal system.

Her dedication to her field has been noticed by her peers. She was awarded the 2023 Kutak-Dodds Defender prize for her contributions to the civil rights and criminal defense space.

On This Episode

In our podcast we talk about:

  • Being Nationally recognized as the Kutak-Dodds Defender of the year.

  • Finding peace and opportunities even when job offers don't work out

  • When she started noticing disparities and injustice

  • What lead her to be a lawyer

  • Not being satisfied in corporate law

  • Feeling ostracized

  • How someone's accusations or legal history doesn't define them

  • Her career accomplishments

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