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Journey Back To Me

Torchbearer: Amanda Koonjbeharry. Guyanese-American

Torchbearer: Amanda Koonjbeharry

Profession: Public Affairs and Communication

"I felt like I was carrying the torch for so many of our BIPOC communities. I could feel it in my body - the weight of that unspoken pressure. It can be really rewarding, but it’s not easy”

Early in her career, Amanda Koonjbeharry (Guyanese American) found herself in different leadership positions in her home state of Minnesota. She was fortunate to have mentors that believed in her brilliance and she dedicated her career in service to making her community a better place.

As a public servant she led the statewide Super Bowl LII anti-sex trafficking committee. She was then the Director of Public Policy where she co-led several projects on public safety and policing during the aftermath of George Floyd's murder.

"I want to lessen the suffering in the world. I want to figure out how we can help people not experience suffering"

She become a public servant to make a community a better place for all people. While she loved that work and encourages others to consider this career path, "the impact can be profound" - the heaviness of those roles and topics did take its toll on her over time.

On This Episode

In our podcast we talk about:

  • Why her career helps her get to her authentic self.

  • How her Guyanese family ended up in Minneapolis

  • Her desire for working in Government and being a public servant

  • Leading the Hennepin County's Anti-Sex Trafficking community during the Super Bowl

  • Remembering her power

  • How George Floyd's murder impacted her and her work

  • Racial disparities in Minnesota

  • Advice to those preparing for public servitude

Listen to the Episode

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