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Torchbearer: Hilla Ovil-Brenner. South African-Israeli

Torchbearer: Hilla Ovil-Brenner

Profession: Tech Entrepreneur and Enabler

Company: Founder, Whitesmoke and Founder, Yazamiyot

"We need to see as many female founders and role models (as possible) - the more we see them, the more we want to be like them"

Hilla started her career journey as a lawyer, but it didn't take her very long to determine that was not the path for her. She then poured her energy into something that she loved - grammar - and founded Whitesmoke, an English grammar checking software. Her company accomplished what few tech startups achieve, it became a publicly traded company. Hilla has since become one of the most influential tech and start up leaders in Israel & the Middle East.

She is now dedicating her life to helping female entrepreneurs achieve success in every step of their startup journey through her organization, Yazamiyot,

"I raised money for my company money when I was 9 months pregnant. We needed open-minded investors that would understand my resilience."

On This Episode

In our podcast we talk about:

  • Being creative in every industry

  • Having a diverse career

  • Being a mom and an entrepreneur - "Are we doing the right thing?"

  • Pivoting while pregnant

  • Mistakes made founding Whitesmoke

  • Walking away from Whitesmoke

  • Being an enabler

  • The changing tech landscape

  • Building a community for female founders

  • Her advice on how to divide your time as a founder

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