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The Unusual Circumstances

Torchbearer: Natalie Poindexter. Black-American. Austin, Texas

Torchbearer: Natalie Poindexter

Profession: Public Health; Grant/Strategy Consultant

Organization: Authentic Inclusion

"I think when you work in trauma - we all hit this pivotal moment of (asking),'Can we do this long term?'"

When Natalie Poindexter decided to get into the healthcare world, she was motivated to change the hospital experience for black and brown people in the United States. That passion motivated her to explore many roles in the healthcare industry - She spent time as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), to working in Trauma Centers and even in the healthcare technology space. But at some point she felt her time would be better spent making change from another angle.

Natalie made a strategic decision to shift her focus to working with businesses in their search for funding, particularly grant funding. As she shares, this is her way of investing in the people and organizations that are poised to influence and change the world. "It's a lot about demystifying the idea of grant funding and grant access."

She continues to passionately and strategically pursue more inclusive, authentic leadership and systems, not just in healthcare, but across industries - you can call her a disruptor, and she's proud of it!

"It's okay to ask questions. It's okay to be disruptive. Not everybody is going to win at it. But if we don't ask these hard questions, when are we ever going to get real answers?”

On This Episode

In our podcast we talk about:

  • Embracing her talent as a strategiest

  • Deciding to walk away from the healthcare industry

  • Why she decided to help businesses and individuals find funding through grants

  • How not to be intimidated by the grant world

  • Being known as a disruptor

  • How a serendipitous moment with Mark Cuban opened doors

  • Why she started the Net-Do Community

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