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(Mis)Adventures of a Dreamchaser

Torchbearer: Ariane Hunter.

Torchbearer: Ariane Hunter

Profession: Founder/Owner, Career Coach, Dream Builder, soon to be Author

Company: Ariane Hunter, a coaching/mentorship community and service

"I think dreams are sometimes a guidepost for what we should be thinking, doing, considering - it can be worth paying attention to.”

When someone's profession includes words like "dream builder" our ears perk up. Who doesn't want to live the life of their dreams!? So with Ariane, we were immediately intrigued by not only what she does, but what led her to find this unique space (it's not quite something you can study in university).

Ariane was on a well respected path in her career. She studied information systems and received her MBA"to stay marketable." She was also working in business intelligence and data within the healthcare and marketing field. Everything, for the most part, was going well - including a great salary and the ability to learn interesting things. But she slowly started to accept that she wasn't on her path -

I remember wanting to dress up in a suit, have my briefcase and just strut. And I strut myself right into a (mental) brick wall. I think we absorb messaging about aspiring to be some version of success. It's somebody's version of success, but maybe not your own.

With this unsettled feeling, it gave her energy to start exploring other interests outside of work. Little did she know that this would help sharpen her skillset and build her confidence to eventually start her own business.

"What is the thing I want to say about my life in the end?"

Ariane decided to become an entrepreneur one normal day, after reflecting on what a well lived and fulfilled life could be for her. She then took it a step further and dedicated her work to helping women explore and live out their dreams (special attention to early stage entrepreneurs). Now 10 years later, she has been able to see her life and the life of her clients flourish!

Mentor Circle: Ariane has graciously invited a Career Safari listener FREE access to Mentor Circle for one month - Mentor Circle is a program for women of color to connect with a network of like minded, driven ambitious entrepreneurs to find/work with seasoned Black women mentors easily and confidently. To apply, visit here. 

On This Episode

In our podcast episode we talk about:

  • What it means to be a dream builder

  • Using your intuition for your benefit

  • How she lost interest in her data and information system's work

  • Starting her entrepreneur journey through photography

  • Her advice on how to prepare for the future of work

  • Starting My Mentors Circle

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