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Light in Times of Darkness

Torchbearer: Janine Hernandez. Colombian-American

Torchbearer: Janine Hernandez

Profession: Author. Book Coach.

One of my greatest fears is being on my death bed wishing that I had published that book - not saying something I wanted to say.

Not many people can say that they were inspired to write their first book at the age of 9 - but that's part of the journey of Janine. She would proudly tell her parents that her dream was to be an author. By the age of 12, she started to write her first book of poetry. But it took her 17 years to finally click "submit" and share her first book to the world.

Similar to many people, her journey of self-fulfillment and courage meant encountering relationships that pushed her to find her own strength and light. She found herself in a relationship with someone that muted her.

"I spent a year feeling like I couldn't speak. I had no voice. I had no say."

She walked away after hearing her partner tell her to,"go the f*ck to sleep," one too many times. From there she took time to heal and as she was reflecting on her experience, she gave voice to it through podcasting and writing.

Janine fought to find her light. It's now her mission to help others get off the edge of their dreams - to write the book and live the lives they dream of.

On This Episode

In our podcast we talk about:

  • Being your own light in times of darkness

  • Her experience being with narcissistic abusive relationship

  • The signs of narcissistic abuse

  • What convinced her to publish her first book

  • Her writing process

  • Leaving her HR role to become an entrepreneur

  • Writing her first book at 12

  • Pushing past the fear of publishing you work

View the Episode

Listen to the Episode

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